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2002-05-20 20:15:26 (UTC)


I'm so sorry, I messed up. The wedding is this
SATURDAY!!! Please forgive me. I hope I didn't get your
hopes too high. I know mine were though. This really
sucks. Guess I wasn't paying attention. Guess I wanted it
to be on Friday. Oh well, stupid me. I wonder if you'll
make an appearance anyway. Probably too much to ask at
this point huh? Now I probably won't stay as long as I
would've if you were there. DAMMITT!!! I over slept this
morning and was a half-hour late for work. Me and our
mutual guy friend worked together taking down racking. We
worked for about 7 hours and we will be pretty busy for at
least two weeks. Hey, did you want Vecepia to win. Rosie
said that it was great that a minority won, coz that way
they have diversity on the show. What's with that other
girl though? Her name is pronounced "Neleha", but its
spelled "Neleh". How dumb is that? Besides, who would
name there kid Helen spelled backwards? So, were the door
locks changed when you got back. It's a funny question,
but if they were then it wouldn't be so funny. Its hard to
understand sometimes when people don't want other people to
see their family. I'm lucky I guess though, coz most all
my family is right in thie area. Although, sometimes I
don't see them for months on end. Maybe, when they're so
close, you take them for granted and when they are far
away, you miss them so much more. My uncle who lives in
California is probably my favorite Aunt or Uncle, so I
wonder if he would be my favorite if we lived closer
together. I see him MAYBE once a year and when I do, its
always a lot of fun. Don't take this the wrong way, but
was your nephew a little drunk on Saturday? I don't know,
he just seemed a little easy going, saying that they were
gonna get you to get a buzz on. Did you?(hahaha) No big
dael though, I don't mind if he was drunk or not, just
curious. I hope you saw Spider-man, it was a good movie.
Anyway, I don't know when I'll talk to you next, but I just
wanted to let you know about the wedding. Sorry again.
Hopefully we'll get our chance sometime. I'll see you when
I see you. BYE!!!

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