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2001-06-10 00:07:46 (UTC)


Emotion: Bored/kinda depressed
Diary Log: #5
Reality Check: Nobody cares about anything I say
Prior Entry: Shrek/To Grandmother's House We Go
Thinking Of: What I asked Timmy and his responce
Who’s online: Paula
Word of the Day: n/a

I got a little problem...I asked Timmy which would cut
better, scissors or a knife, he said it depends on what i'm
cutting. Apparently he didn't get the meaning of that. I
don't really want to tell the whole friggin world what
(hint: or why) I'm cutting (get the 'or why' hint yet?) so
if you don't get my meaning, too d*mn bad. I don't feel too
good. I think I'll go to sleep since I stayed up all d*mn