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2001-06-10 00:03:45 (UTC) fuck

this online journal thing is getting pretty lame. i mean no
one is reading it...well atleast it provides an outlet for

friday night watched requim for a dream and antitrust with
tim. requim for a dream was good...we got the edited version
so no shooting junk scenes...but still it was a good
movie...highly recommend it. uhh you know ryan phillipe is
damn lucky he's a hottie cause antitrust sucked and that boy
is a HORRIBLE i said he's lucky he is good

extremely tired...always am come saturday. went out to
dinner for grandpas birthday and now im going to cross my
fingers and hope hbo is repeating sex and the city cause i
only got to watch 15 minutes of the 2nd episode last sunday.

life is good...can't complain (knock on wood)

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