2002-05-20 19:17:50 (UTC)

fuck you dan

fuck you. you don't want things to be 'rough' and you want
us to be *friends* ... you don't want things to be akward...
well dan
if you hadn't treated me like garbage for the past month
and a half
if you hadn't lied to my face about so many things and lied
to me EVERY TIME I saw you for the past month
if you had treated me with even a little bit of respect or
caring at any point during the last month and a half
instead of just lying to me and telling me that nothing was
wrong when I asked you and when I TOLD you that it was
making me very upset and that I was crying several times a
week over it... but you didn't CARE cuz how I feel doesn't
As long as things aren't ROUGH for YOU as long as YOUR life
isn't AFFECTED... as long as I can keep treating YOU as
well as I have and YOU can continue to treat me like SHIT
and I CONTINUE to TAKE IT from you then everything will be
alright. That's how you want things. You are a fucking
asshole. It doesn't take very much of a concience to have
the ability to see things from another person's perspective
and to have some amount of consideration for their feelings
and what your actions are doing to them. But you don't even
have that much of a concience obviously in light of what
you've done to me for so long. I FUCKING HATE YOU.