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2002-05-20 17:21:18 (UTC)


This morning we had a graduation assembly. I could have
stayed in the bed though because the stuff that was said,
Mrs. Shaw had already discussed w/ our class. I must say
that the graduation thing is now starting to kick in. I'm
just a lil bit excited!!!!! Anyway, my computer at home is
acting up, so I'm at the library right now. Man, I feel
like I'm making too much noise typing. LOL But anyway, due
to the fact that I wasn't able to get on here and update, I
might as well do some catching up. Okay, I finally got a
chance to spend some time w/ Leroy. I went out to the
country Saturday nite. It wasn't all that I thought it was
going to be, but it was straight. I didn't feel like I was
over there very long. Yep, we tried. It was kind of boring
though. I think I was just too tired for it. I really need
to catch up on my sleep or something. When I was on my way
home, I fell asleep while I was driving. I think the heat
made me more sleepy. Normally I do about 80 on 49, but I
had to creep at 50 because if I did hit something, then I
didn't want to do it full force. Ya know! When I got home,
I was locked out the house and I had to wait for my mother
to wake up, which took forever. I was just so tired and
worn out. I slept a good while yesterday, but I got up and
cleaned up a little. I'm tired right now because I stayed
up till 4 this morning and got up @ 8:45. I started reading
a whole bunch of junk from the past four years. I read some
notes that were from people that I don't quite remember
ever talking to. Then I started reading my old hand-written
journals. I ran across one particular entry that I wrote a
day after I finished my first year @ BHS. I'm gonna give it
to Leroy because it's about him and it shows that even back
then....I cared. I mean, Leroy is cool w/ me. No matter the
bull that we/I go through......I get that chance to be
around him and everything feels perfect. It's a wonderful
feeling. I want to stay w/ him graduation nite. I get paid
tomorrow and the check should be nice, so I'll make the
effort to get the room if he ensures me that he will make
the effort to be there. I'm not sure if we have a party
that nite, but if we do....afterwards, I want to be w/ him.
I just want to spend the whole nite w/ him and wake up w/
him. We don't have to do anything at all. Okay,
ok.....enough of being gay. But anyway, Martell came by my
house yesterday! I ran and hid because he could have called
before he came....ya know! I talked to him last nite
though. That's my buddy. Even though I know he has this
goal of getting w/ me before Saturday, he's still my folk.
Martell is silly to think that I would actually give him me
w/ no emotions involved. Ha! I think when I finally do
experience that art of....ya know....I think I will want
every time to be slow and sweet. It's something about
taking your time that makes it better! Well, let me go.
There is a time limit that we have on this
thing.....HOllA *J*