Lost and Searching
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2002-05-20 16:53:22 (UTC)

Here is What Happened

Okay Saturday night, well um, i was tired from freezing in
the pool that morning and the lack of sleep from the night
before did not help matters much either...So i got up about
seven thirty, took a shower, shaved, straightened my hair,
and then proceeded to paint my toenails, and slowly get
dressed for a party at a friends house that i was going to
attend...By the time I got into the truck, there were four
missed calls that were on my cell phone...I was completely
suprised when i saw that the missed calls were all from
heath and that he had left voice messages...Hell i didn't
even know that he was in i tried to call him bac
but he didn't answer so i left a voice message for him....I
headed into town and went to my parent's house, messed
around there for a while, and then decided to head for that
party....As soon as i got back into my truck, i had another
miss call,it was a dumb ass game of phone tag....i finally
got a hold of him and he wanted me to come down and see him
in another near-by me thinking that fuck yeah i
want to see, told him that i might be in town, because i
needed to pickup some graduation presents. So in order to
kill some time i hunted up my sister and made her go down
to con with me....and i even drove slower down there to
kill more time......When we got there, i saw him instantly
but i didn't go straight up to him, didn't want to seem to
eager to see him...Boy did my plan work, he was the one who
ended up coming up to me..I said hi and conversed a little
small talk...and then i excused myself.....well for one i
had to go to the bathroom and the other i was freaking
nervous as hell....Some other guys where our like my older
brothers were also at the bar, so I stayed over by them and
started talking with them...and low and behold but heath
ended coming over and sat down by me........the band that
was playing really sucked but that was nothing new b/c they
were terrible from the start...I was getting harrassed,
which is again nothing new...but then a slow song came on
and he dragged me out on the dance floor, and that is where
he kissed me.....Now the whole thing that this mess got
started is that he had a HOT truck and i have a thing for a
hot truck.....and i wanted to drive it one night, and he
told me that i could as soon as he got to ride me......but
he ended up trading the truck for brand-new trailblazer,
which oh my god is it i keep asking him when
do i get to drive the trailblazer...he has his usual "as
soon as i get to ride you" remark....after the song it was
more harrasment and so on...i was getting kinda tired and
was thinking that i should be getting ready to head home..I
mentioned that i wanted to got to clyde to see what their
pool facilities looked like, since i had just heard that
they even had a pool...and just then he was like come one
we'll go....and just like that we left the bar and left my
sister behind, and i even had the keys to the truck...well
i told him really didnt' want to go with him since he had
been drinking and then he said the magic words "you can
drive the trailblazer" damn if i wasn't hooked....I drove
to my truck, left the keys in it, got my cell phone, and
called the bar, and asked for karen, in the back ground i
could here Tony going off, because i had left with heath
and that he wanted to talk to me, i told her i left the
keys in the truck, and off we went to clyde....on the drive
over he was getting me worked up with just hand....we got
there saw the pool and what not...but on the way
back...damn it was at it again...i turned off onto dirt
road and we switched drivers...i was freaking horny as
hell, and immediately went for his zipper...for a sec i
couldn't find it b/c it was kinda small, and let me tell
you it didnt' take much for me to deep throat it....Finally
we arrived to where we were going which i am not sure where
in the hell that was....He had asked me if i was kidding
about me being a virgin...i told him no...and that if i was
sure i wanted to go all the way, it took me a couple of
seconds to answer but i finally said yes....and then all of
a sudden he stopped...He said that my first time wasn't
going to be in a trailblazer but in a we drove
back into town, and to his house...were we went to his
bedroom....Got undressed, and he told me that tonight would be my
night, i could do anything i wanted...and i did...i love teasing the
hell out of others...its kinda of a organism all in its self....He
was wonderful through all of it, asking me how i was doing, if there
was anything else i wanted done.....finally it was like pulling teeth
to get him to finally do it and no more didnt' hurt,
and i didn't bleed, and boy did it feel great....