The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-05-20 15:41:35 (UTC)

Something in the air

Of course while I do my Pittsburgh thing, Katie is updating
me via email of the goings-on in Louisville. She writes
that Alan Adelberg and Jamie Corum are now a couple. Hmmm.
Just another reminder how small that town is.
Ramifications: Joel won't like that a bit. Poor guy. I
expect it will drive him to either pursue something with
either Leigh or Jennifer. The Leigh thing would be
uncomfortable at shows, as Leigh's ex, Dave, is Bradley's
roommate. Compound this with the fact that knowing Alan
fairly well and Joel very well, Joel will not like Alan a
bit. They're total opposites, Joel the sensitive,
dimuniutive, self-effacing artist and Alan the outgoing,
hedonistic intellectual AV guy. The point? It will make
social functions awkward. As dating in Louisville does.

There it is: standing in a small room filled with artwork
and populated by Jamie and Alan, hanging out with Lisa,
pulling Katie into their axis, with Katie split between
them and Joel, who wants no part of it. Joel in another
corner with Leigh, thus repelling the Dave/Bradley axis.
Does this estrange, then, Brad and Brian from Joel? Does
Katie feel tense? Perhaps Joel does, because meanwhile,
Jennifer will be around. Katie, then, split between two
camps. In the background Kim hovers over all of it with an
unnamed male accomplice.

It makes me pleased to no end that I'm not there. That I
can walk into a similar situation here and be free of any
tension at all. Why can't Louisville be like that?

Louisville may never be like that for me.