The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-05-20 15:24:21 (UTC)

Do you know where you are?

Things are starting to gel, I think. The internship is
starting to hit some very interesting territory, the people
around me at the museum are revealing themselves to be as
interesting and engaging a group of people as I could ever
hope for and the city of Pittsburgh itself is opening up
slowly -- not all at once, like the way it does through
Pitt Tunnel entrance, but slowly, street by street, person
by person, day by day.

Tomorrow night Nicole, she of fame, invited
me to a party in Oakland. It's exciting to be around
people, yes indeed. Things I can do now with no effort --
talk to people I don't know, for instance -- these are
things that did not historically come easy to me. These are
not things I could do in high school. Everytime I walk up
to a person I don't know and start a conversation and walk
away with a phone number, it's a tiny victory over an
uneasy past. It's tangible proof that personality habits
can be altered and the Andy we know can be improved.

I can think of a few others I'd like to do away with, as

We'll be working on them.