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2001-06-09 21:50:58 (UTC)

had enough time to change

Well I have come to a decsion ,,,I am tired of being
treated like shit by a man who has been my husband for
21yrs.Prayers are all nice and good but i have a mind that
has to be kept in tact,,,dwelling on what my hubby is doing
when he doesn't want to be home is not good metally for me
or the kids..Hubby had a weekend to spend with his kids and
he takes off and doesn't come home to be with god only
knows who,,,right now i don't want him home its to
stressful when he is here,Lets hope he doesn't come back he
sleeps in a seperate room,the kids don;'t understand this
and they deserve better as well as myself,i may not have
been perfect but i am a damn good wife all my husband ever
had to do was work and come home,he never does the
yard,garbage,laundry,dishes,bills,cook,nothing and that is
because i enjoyed doing these things for him...there will
be another man someday who will enjoy how i can make you
feel.Well I have myself and my kids to worry about and that
is it my first concern...I lovce them and will never
abandon them ever...I reassure them everyday of K
can live with himself is beyond me,treat his family the way
he has..he will have to anwser to a higher power in time,it
sure wasn't because i didn't want to try.He has to live
with the outcome not me.Until tomorrow,,,,:)

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