Meshed Up
2002-05-20 12:55:24 (UTC)


have i ever mentioned how much i hate paper cuts? i despise
them. they're so tiny and annoying and itchy.

yeah i do have a papercut right now and i hate it. i wish
it would go away and die.

- - -

haven't been reading much of other people's diaries lately.
i guess it's cuz i'm cramming for exams. well look at me
now, typing away, wasting time. i need a break.

as 1/2n1/2 the coffee creamer puts it, hat tippage to
spiceyone, thy mysterious me, thatmaskedman and elohim.
long feedbacks truly truly amaze me. it's nice to know
someone out there understands. ricardo! you and your crazy
ideas about dreams! or should i say freud's ideas about
dreams. lolz.

i wonder how it would feel to be struck by lightning...

- - -

i had another dream last night. and i did wake up again. it

dreamt that a family was standing in front of me. they were
looking at me...and then a huge ball of fire came and
engulfed them. it was that time that i zoomed in on them
and saw the fire peeling away the skin slowly. they were

thinking about it now sends shivers up my spine. but at
that time, i felt nothing. i just looked up at the ceiling
and couldn't understand why i was getting such crazy dreams.

must've been cuz i was thinking about hell right before i
went to sleep. thinking about heaven and hell and how fire
would lick at my skin if i ended up there.

i hope tonight's dreams won't be so bad.

- - -

'Yes I feel emphatic about not being static
and not eating the bullshit that's being fed to me
no more... 'cause now I'm full.
Just when you thought it was safe to think,
in comes mental piracy!'