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Somewhat Pathetic Life
2002-05-20 09:03:49 (UTC)

A Klutz

Today is officially my first day of my second year in
college. I'm no longer a freshie. Yep. Call me a freshman
and DIE. Anyway, i went to college today. We have Design and
we learnt the basic stuff about pagemaker. Real boring
class. After school, i went to meet my friends at
McDonald's. I ordered and i took the tray and wanted to walk
away without paying when my friend said that i havent paid
the bill yet. I totally forgot to PAY for my food! I was
like, "Oops, sorry!". The cashier guy laughed. So did the
girl who was standing behind me. That is ONE of my silly
mishaps today. There are a few more. We laughed a lot today.
Well, i'm lazy to type the rest. Don't want to embarass
myself, anyway. So, one story is enough. Hmm...i have
nothing else to say. Oh yeah. My friend's friend knows how
to read tarot cards. He did a reading for my friend. Two
friends, two readings. Actually, i dont really believe in
those stuff. I mean, they're cards with creepy images on it.
Disturbing, too. Well, not really but a little. I didnt want
a reading and i have never really intented to try it.
Although i guess i'm teensy bit curious, i didnt like want
to do it. I'm a Christian and i know doing it would kinda
like be a sin. It's not something that a Christian would or
should do. I admit that i'm not one of those goody
Christians but i know my limitations. I think Ouija, tarots
and all those satanic games are pretty creepy. I dont want
to scare the shit out of myself...