2002-05-20 05:40:41 (UTC)

back home

Well, it's been a week since I've been home. It's weird
being back. In fact, it's a little uncomfortable at times.
Things are going pretty well with my family. My siblings
and I are getting along. My parents are being chill, if
that's a word I can use when referring to parents. My
friends are ok. Howie and Chad are basically the same. Same
with Jordan and Ryan and Todd. Anne is great. As always, we
are having fun. She is so considerate and loving. She is
such a good friend. I'm lucky to have her. Kristine... well
things are weird there. Right now I think she is a major
bitch. And I am really sick of her shit and the way she
treats me. She only got home on friday and I already feel
this way - that isn't good. So on friday she called and
stopped by to say hello before she went to her house to
unpack her car. We went to Dunkin Donuts first, and I
picked up Anne on the way. Anne had been in CT all week, so
I hadn't seen her either. We both really wanted to just sit
and talk for a while. So after Dunkin Donuts we were going
to head on over to Zukor. Kristine asked if we were going
to help her unpack, and even though we were both willing
and ready she told us it was ok and she would meet up with
us. I felt really bad about that, but no one helped me
unpack my car and I had a lot more stuff so I am sure she
could handle it. But then at the park she came and decided
to talk about anything I couldn't relate to. It was weird.
On saturday night I went out with her and Allison to see
Mike's band play at Images. Allison and I were acutally
getting along. It was nice. But she would stop picking on
me all night. It really made me feel like shit. And tonight
she was just being an outright bitch. I told her so, but
she naturally ignored me. Heaven forbid that there is life
beyond Survivor! It was ridiculous. And it really hurt me.
I know we grew apart senior year, but I was hoping to
become close again this summer. I thought we were good
friends. It just really hurts that she would treat me so
I miss Lauren.

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