lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-05-20 04:43:16 (UTC)

amazing, incredible...

awesome, knock-your-socks-off, crazy, rad, off-da-heezy-fo-
sheezy...WOW. i'm looking for the right adjective for this
weekend but i can't find one. no description really fits
how rad it was. it for realsies changed my life. like, i
had a couple of days where God was just cementing
everything in my mind & heart...what i've felt lately, what
i think He wants me to do, the kind of people i reeeeally
really needed to be connected with from school, etc...and
all my stupid reasons like "most of them are freshman"
and "i'm too weird" just totally melted away and i bonded
with everyone on the trip. it was sooooo crazy cool i
can't even tell you. like OH MY GOSH, my words don't do it
justice...but if you talk to me i'll tell you some stories
& show you pictures & everything...ahh it was AWESOME!!!!

thanks for the emails, guys :-)