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My Favorite Courdaroys
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2001-06-09 18:36:06 (UTC)

Its been about 12 hours since i talked to her and im all alone

Well i guess your probably wandering who her is. Her is my
best girl trika. Such a great girl. No one else like her
in the world!!! No im serious this girl changed my life.
Shes so great and right now shes in mexico. I talked to
her from 12 to 2 in the morning before she had to go. SUCH
a great girl. Shes going to Mexico with her church. How
cool is that. Yeah i havent seen her in such a long time
though. I live in pictures and emails of hers. Shes a
godsend i think. I mean how could such a great girl as
trika have been giving to a low life punk life me. She was
sent to change my life and thats probably just what shell
end up doing. Well shes only gonna be gone for a week.
Dude i hope i never lose her again. Ive found no matter
what she does i cant hate her. But will just leave it at
that right now. Well I got nothing. This entries over.
See ya.

Oh yeah to Trika: *HUG*