No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-20 03:59:48 (UTC)

how i feel

Good Charlotte

Communication is a lot like
The wind when I speak,
It's like no one understands
And I'm left with empty hands,
Forever I can't speak,
So many things I'll never learn,
You can't cross bridges
That you've burned,
Why is life such an
Issue in your mind,
Why are the answers to
My problems hard to find,
So hard to find,
Don't forget to buckle
When you fall,
Beneath the pressure
Of the seconds when,
Your life became a screamer,
Staring at the sea things
Become so small,
I want movies of my dreams
And pictures on my wall,
Pictures on my wall
You say that I'm a dreamer,
I say you're a non-believer,
Take out the light
Take out the light
Start screamin'
I'm dreaming
I'm a dreamer
No one believes me,
And you don't either,
So tell me what to do,
Take out the light,
Take out the light,
Take out the light,
Take out the light
Start screamin'