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2002-05-20 03:03:43 (UTC)

Sunday, May 19th (958pm)

Today I moved into GSP for interim housing. I've been
staying at Justin's for the last two nights and I thought
it was about time for me to leave. I did not feel very
comfortable. At least I know Justin didn't do a good job
making me feel comfortable. In new eyes, I can feel so
much hate towards him and it's dwelling in me. It makes me
feel sick knowing that he had at one point been in me. I
don't want to think about it. I keep telling myself that
what I will do is be happy for him and hope that he meets
the right person at the right time so that he can get what
he wants. I don't want to regret for being with him. I
will not do that because it was a decision I have made.
The wisest thing I can do now is try to learn something
from the experience. Whether or not I want it to happen
again, it's past and all I can do is hope to learn from
what I did wrong.
I am happy that I met these people my freshman year of
college. It was heck of an experience and I am glad that I
am here. I met people that I had to learn to adjust to.
Some other people I needed to be patient with. To think
about it now, life definately is just one big learning
experience that never ends. There are new doors everywhere
and new horizons and goals to meet. I think that the

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