Everyday Shit
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2002-05-20 02:31:55 (UTC)

Prom Madness/Election 2002

As the weeks built up to the prom it got more and more
stressful. I had to sell my prom dress because it was too
short for me. I was a dumb ass to even buy it. My
grandmother had to sew me a new one. Then MaryAnn came over
and picked up her "stuff" which consisted of a pair of
pants and sneakers. Eric also has informed me that he's
inviting her to his graduation...funny they never spoke
until they both verbally bashed me. Oh well. Thankfully
Eric and a couple of us will still have a blast at Blink
on my birthday. So that way we'll still have good to even
uot the bad of his grad party.

I decided to run for class president for our last year.
Well the week of campaign was tough. I wont' get results
til Monday. I spent the weekmakng sticker, flyers, posters
and brochures. I was up til an adverage 12 at night doing
stuff. Hopefully I won. I honestly don't know. It's a
REALLY close race. Wednesday I did some lolipop's with our
political party on it and that night went out to the
Hoobastank and Incubus concert. It ruled.

Prom came and went. Mom and I decorated the house for the
after party. Joe wasn't too much of an idoit. I danced with
a couple different guys all my friends. It was fun. So now
I wait til my Birthday and tomorrow election results and
Green Day/Blink.


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