Jessey's Diary
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2002-05-20 02:21:52 (UTC)

Summertime Blues

Okay, so summer is approaching. Now what? I mean,
seriously? I have tons to do, and nowhere near enough time.
My mum signed me up for this Congressional Award program,
and I'm okay with that, but I also have TRAIL, another
program, which is cool too because it'll help with the CA
thing, but that's where the whole "okay" thing ends. I
wanna go to my grandparents' house and then up to my great-
grandpa's ranch, but that all depends on if my dad gets
this new job and my mum and how my aunt is by then and like
a trillion other things. Then there's the whole thing about
how my friend is pestering me to get a boyfriend, and
amaxingly enough, so are my parents! I mean, my bff and I
have totally sworn off guys... at least for the next 24
hrs. But seriously! My bff and I are really good in school,
and that's pretty much all we have going for us- our minds,
which is pretty much nothing in the minds of the male
population, right? So, being as all the guys at our school
(except the ones who are our'other best pals) are totally
100% jerks, we have decided that it would be better if we
just keep our grades up as a pose to letting them drop like
all the cheerleaders there- no offense to any cheerleaders
if there are any reading this thing... yeah, right, like
anyone's gonna read this? Funny!- because we were too busy
obssing over some guy! Duh! I mean, I like guys and all,
but I don't need another boyfriend any time soon. My past
ones were enough hell for me, thank you! I mean, I have the
worst taste in guys!