GoOd TiMeZ & bAd
2002-05-20 02:14:20 (UTC)

omgosh!!!!!!!!!life sux

okay well journal, me and madison started dating again and
b4 we started dating again i told lauren and kelli that i
had cheated on madison bcuz i was so mad cuz i heard that
he had hooked up w/ dana and that he was all over her and
even though he told me that they were like brother and
sister i still thought that he had. so i told kelli and
lauren that. i didnt tell any1 this but i was really upset.
i was so happy when madison had called me and told me that
he didnt mean that he wanted to break up w/ me cuz i really
did like him a lot. i went to hattiesburg this weekend and
played soccer and i couldnt wait to get home to see
madison. but i got a call from him asking me if i knew
anyone named chris and i was in trouble with my dad so i
had to go. i was upset cuz i knew that kelli had told him
that i was cheating on him and i had lied to her and i know
that i shouldnt have done that but i did cuz i was upset.
well i have to go.