Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-05-20 01:41:58 (UTC)

Today has been weird...

I dunno why, it just has. Maybe cuz I cleaned my room...
Im not accustomed to being able to walk in my door and not
step on something... lol.

Maybe Ive changed. I dont know. Something happend...
something changed... but I think its bigger than
rearranging my room... its so strange. I just kinda feel..
empty. I have for a couple of days... its just so
strange. I dont think I like it. Im not one of those
people taht likes to be alone... but I always am alone.

And Aaron is confusing the crap outta me. I dont think my
brain is working right... then again, its never working
right. I dont like this feeling, i really dont...