2001-06-09 16:44:43 (UTC)

not my sunshine

so much has happened in my life.
most of it i just shove away
and i dont think of it twice.
but recently.
it feels like, everything has been flodding back
like im here in the water.
but i dont have a raft.
like, youre the only thing that could have made me happy.
but instead, you choose to do the opposite.
and sometimes i wonder who you are.
sometimes i knew you.
sometimes i didnt.
but all of this taken into consideration.
i just wish that this could have been different.
you will never be my sunshine.
and i know it.
i can hold you here today.
and tomorrow.
you will fade.
in and out.
thats you.
in my life.
when you need me im here.
when you dont,
im gone.
your nothing without me.
youre the one that made me this strong.
im not nieve anymore.
just stupid.
stupid for allwoing you to do what you do best.
love me.
from afar.
with no thoughts of my feelings.
when you go around fucking.
no thoughts of how i cry for you.
how i lie for you.
when you need me to.
everything, i will always do.
for you.
i love you.
more than i love myself.
would i die for you.
you will never be my sunshine.
you will never be my sunshine.
you were never there for me.
it rained.
and i couldnt see.
past the shit in my way.
past the stupid shit i dealt with everyday.
past the shit that didnt have to be there.
past all the shit,
and you didnt care.