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2002-05-19 22:41:32 (UTC)

its today and now almost time

leaving in a bit to pick up my love from the airport. =)
gee. horray for that.

today sucked as far as work was concerned. which is what
made up my entire day.

the new guy didnt show up.
which meant it was me. and um. the store.
yeah that was a little weird.
but nacy said she was proud of me for calling him and all
of that so that made me happy =)
hes so stupid. just like. dumb.
and its really degrading to have to sit there and listen to
him all day.
it makes me want to literally vomit.
hes everything i dont like in a person and were stuck
together for hours upon hours in a little box of a store.
fuck that.
he even had the fucking audacity to talk shit about tae
kwon do.
hm yeah how about no.
i got so pissed.
he thinks hes all fucking cool because he lived in japan.
i dont however.
in fact i think he is about the most immature 18 year old i
have ever had the irratation of communicating with.
its gross.
but anyway.
after work i went and attempted to clean my disgustingly
dirty car.
i did a half ass job because i had a bunch of other shit to
get done but it is most definetly an improvement.
so now im home. i cleaned my kittys box. and im now killing
time until i can leave for the airport.
i dont want to be there like 2 and half hours early as i
was last time

aw shes cute she just called me. =) gee to that.

ambers calling me too. shes all upsad and shit.
time to fix her.

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