2002-05-19 22:32:34 (UTC)

Meet The Parents

So anywho, my last entry ended with marcus having
kissed me, rite? After that lovely day, I could not get
him out of my mind. But eventually, the dayz rolled on by
and after a while of not seeing da one person who made me
look forward to seeing another skewl day, I kinda got
really really sad. I stopped caring about classes to the
point in which I actually skipped a class and I got really
snappy in my tone of voice. (Btw, i got into some really
deep shit with dat skipping business, excuse my french.)
My mom knew it was because I missed my friends so much
that i was becoming so depressed. I mean, hanging out with
marcus and company was the best fun I had all skewl year
long. So then came along the day of graduation. The one
chance I would have to see all my friends again!!!
However, I had no tickets!!! Ahhhhhh!!! After several
phone calls and countless requests, I still had no
tickets. But I was not discouraged! I would get into
graduation somehow. So i had to persuade my mommy to go
along with my scheming plans, and after we picked up my
best friend for the ride, off we went to GRADUATION!!
Basically, the six officers BSing in front of the UCF
arena and the girl who was supposed to check our tickets
practically let us walk in. I suppose they assumed we were
with a disabled family member for that was the entrance by
which we entered. So I got to see all my friends graduate!
It was great; i almost broke down into tears!
Afterwards, I ran down the stairs to meet the seniors
who were exiting the building and anxiously I waited for
marcus to come out, yet I did not see him at all! Then all
at once it happened. He had been standing 6 feet in front
of me and he was walkin closer to me, mocking my searching
attempts. He came up to me and we gave eachother a big
hug. Then I talked to him for a bit; I believed we hugged
again. Of course he needed to find his parents and
suddenly we were holding hands (I kinda forgot how that
happened) and there we were walking around hand in hand.
Uhm, we didn't flirt as much as we usually do though,
and he did not seem very enthusiastic about everything, I
suppose sitting around for a loooong time did not help his
mood. But I feel as if he took for granted that I had come
to his graduation! He didn't even introduce me to his
parents even though I introduced him to my mom. I dunno,
I'm so confused. At some times he was actually very flirty
now that i think about it. UGH. Itz so hard to understand
Alrite, so moving on, we made plans to meet eachother
later that night at Pointe Orlando. He told me to come
with him and his parents to dinner and that they would
leave from there, but I knew my mom wouldn't be too ken
with that so I said I'd meet him there.
Of course I'm an hour late, but he was still there
thank god. It was so kewl hanging out with him in his
natural environment, that is, playing DDR. And again I
talked to his dad and I saw his mom. Marcus gave me alotta
hugs too, it was really fun.
So anywayz, I can't get him out of my head now! I dunno
whether to continue with our 'friends with benefits'
relationship or to tell him once again how I feel. I just
dont wanna get hurt again. I mean, being friends with him
is awesome, but he makes me feel as if we're more than
friends, ya know? Ugh, I dunno, maybe I'm dellusional.