Han's Journal
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2002-05-19 22:08:57 (UTC)

Mozart and Insanity

I've got my music 27 final in 3 days, and it isn't funny.
It's not because music 27 is a hard class. It's probably
one of the easiest classes at Cal, but listening to
classical music has to be the biggest pain in the butt for
someone with an untrained, uncultured ear!

I shouldn't even disparage myself like this. We analyzed a
Bjork song in music 27, for goodness' sakes. If Bjork is
culture, so is Britney Spears, NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys,
Jessica Simpson...%#[email protected] Whatever, music 27 is just a silly
class, and I don't know why I even took it in the first

I spoke to Ian in the kitchen yesterday and he unabashedly
told me how he went for Professor Smart (music prof)'s
office hours to tell her what a great class music 27 was.
No wonder his nose was all brown. It must have been from
all those times he stuck it up her ass. How can anyone say
*shameless* saccharine-sweet stuff like that? It's almost
as bad as Elizabeth and all her random bouncing on mens'

Random quote: "Liz is a free rider." -Tim "master of shit-
talking" Goh, on Chapter 18 of my econ 100A textbook
(externalities and public goods).

This diary is, thankfully, available only to a select few.
Please do not abuse the privilege of reading this by
giving the link to Ian or Elizabeth. Thanks.