The Black Hole
2001-06-09 14:53:19 (UTC)

I made it!!

Wow! The last day of school was on Thursday! I am so
happy! I am finnaly a Junior! YEa!!! I tried out for
color guard and made it! 6 girls did'nt but I did! WHen
she said my name I could;nt stop smiling! Who would have

After school my friend ABby and I went to the mall and we
spent LOTS of money! We lauphed a lot and had tons of
fun. WHen we got back we practiced for the color gaurd
with some flags my mom had. We came in at 10 then watche
a movie hen went to bed at around 1. The next morning we
went running and did stuff.

Jake has been Very sick! I feel very bad for him. he had
a 102 temp and had to miss a couple of exams. I'll have to
go to Olesons a lot and see him this summer!!! God I love
that kid!

Gotta GO