Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-05-19 21:39:37 (UTC)

Weekend Busy But Nothing Goes.

Exam on Friday went well, or at least I think it did. I
don't want to talk myself into thinking that becasue I
enjoyed it means my answers were a shambles. Reading
through them they didn't scan through the best, there were
a couple of stukbling bits, but I was happy overall. Exams
are meant to get information not style - you don't have
time for the second.

Then Friday night involved beer and such and ended in
playing golf on a computer and stroking people with an oven
mitt. There you go.

Satuday I took off, stupidly believing that I could revise
today, and I did, as my linguistics-buddies came around and
we thrashed out not quite enough to make anyone satisfied.
I feel there was some structure missing, but its too late
now. Anyway.

This evening, I took a bath, watched some hooligans and
listened to Kate Bush.

Oddly for the first time ever this weekend, I've heard
Huddersfield Town fans mentioned in conjunction with
hooliganism, and its been twice. I've never seen it -
violence, yes, but isolated, hooliganism (such as is
organised violence, or a group of fighting people) never.

Still, you live and learn.

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