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2001-06-09 13:53:28 (UTC)

Saturday 9th June 2001

Mental health report for today-fair to middling.
Calories consumed-fair to middling
Cigs smoked-low
Cleaning done and calories burnt-bloody loads man.

It's siling it down here and bit chilly but dead
atmospheric. Just sat down now as been busy ALL DAY
YESTERDAY and all of today so far. Been to vets this
morning again-ginnies are improving and they've had injections. 3
more visits to go. Expensive do this vet business but
they're worth it. Good job I work to be able to afford it innit?

Had to smirk at work yesterday. It's gonna be law soon that
all men signing on who have a wife/partner who doesn't get
up off their arses and work either,THE WIFE has to sign on
too, as well as the man, making themselves available for
work-that is if they have children over age of 5. Good!! I
can't stand people who don't want to work just because they
have kids. There's no excuse in this day and age just
because you have sprogged, as there are excellent child
minding facilities out there for the kids, and it means
more money for the family unit, more luxuries instead of
living hand to mouth, scrimping and saving.
Had great discussion amongst ourselves at work and the
unanimous decision was that the government is quite correct
in implementing this change to the 'rules'. Ha! I have
always worked with 3 kids and a bit of work never did me
any harm. We all benefited as we had holidays abroad, and
hardly ever went without things, plus while I was at work
the kids were at school anyway! About time-can't wait for
angry reaction from all the stay at home wives-hee hee.
What fun was had by us all. I had to titter.
Also preliminary wage rises are out. Looks like it's gonna be measly
3.5% for Ron and 5% for me. Pah! could be worse I suppose. Wouldn't
mind 8% now that would be nice.

Just waiting for Queenie to turn up-she'll be here about
4ish. Cleaned the bloody house from top to bottom and it's
sparkling now-just need to get myself ready now and look
presentable-I've been cleaning the drains out amongst other
shitey stuff!! Must be minging me!!

Decision made re week off in July. Never mind effin
Bradford-we're off to Norway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha-we go on
4th July. About blinkin time decision was made as sick of umming and
arring over it. Was gonna go to Greece but it would have meant no
decorating and it needs doing really, lounge and hallway. Am happy
now and deserve it-just booked it this dinnertime and we've
got outside cabin again (good) for supplement and 3
smorgasbord breakfasts included in price. This cruise is on
Fjord lines (been before to Sweden with them), and sets off
at 19.30 from Newcastle, arrives 14.30 next day at
Stavanger, 17.00 calls at Haugesund, arrives Bergen 21.15.
then all night in port (never had night out in Bergen
before-been before though and we only had 4 hours during
day in Bergen) So will be different this time having whole night
there. Bergen took my breath away last time when ship sailed in-it's
beautiful and for couple of hours as you are approaching you actually
sail through some fjords. Fab. Only thing is once you're there a pint
of lager is £5.00-bolox to it though-it's worth it. Scenery is
absolutely splendiferous and well worth seeing-sight for sore eyes it
is. I like the cabaret and pubs on board too-never a dull moment!
Ginnies are wheeking coz Ron's just walked in room!!!!!!!!! Aww bless
So for my week off I'm gonna decorate lounge and hallway, plus go on
mini cruise. Can kill two birds with one stone. If I've time I might
give me comp room a lick of paint but it's OK at the moment. So,
when I've decorated me arse off from the Friday to the Tuesday I can
sit back and chill then as we go to Norway on the Weds. then it's my
birthday on the Thursday-wonder if I'll get free bottle of summat or
chocs if I tell em it's my birthday? Can prove it on passport! We'll
see. Get back home Saturday so that'll give me time to chill before
work again on Monday. Might even go back Tuesday.

Had a bit of a surprise on Thursday night-letter was waiting from
N'cle General. Have to go for proctogram 17th September and follow
special diet beforehand (or lack of food more like) Forgot about this
exam-won't be nice and NOT looking forward to it at all. Maybe
colonoscopy next week will give me an answer, maybe I won't have to
have proctogram. Summats gonna have to be done though coz I aint half
been suffering for last 3 days. It's not just uncomfortable anymore,
it's verging on being painful now. Is knacking me and i feel like
I've got a grapefruit stuck up there now. What on earth is wrong with
me?? I wish I knew. I wonder if I paid private I would get seen to
sooner, but thing is it costs £1500 for colonoscopy let alone
anything else, so I'd end up paying a fortune. If pain got any worse
though, I would just have to admit myself to hosp. again, but I wanna
avoid that as it's crap being in there-bloody awful.
Not so bad today-just slight aching feeling but last night could have
beefed-hot bath and laying flat helped. Sick of it. Go into hosp 21st
June so I have had to book 2 days sick leave from work. Tough titty
fish face. That's why I need to get all house sorted for then in case
I'm incapacitated afterwards. Hmmph.

Grub for friday:
Breakfast: 2 slices wholemeal toast/scraping olivio/banana
Lunch: Nachos again (not good) mandarin nectarine cottage cheese
Mid afternoon: Apple
Dinner: Oven baked cod/runner beans/salad with iceberg lettuce/cherry
tomatoes/red onion/watercress/black olives/pesto mayonnaise
small slice flat garlic bread
(very good diet today apart from nachos which are high in
carbohydrate-very very good diet coz low in fat) Pleased today
Alcohol: 2 glasses vino only (V.good as well)
In bed: not good-3 small chunks white toblerone with weak earl grey

Ron bought me some lilies yesterday! My fave-two have flowered this
morning. Can't think what to get him for birthday-am looking on net,
might be summat.

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