? :: connie ::?

:: inside my mind ::
2001-06-09 12:43:28 (UTC)

:: ..., but ... ::

let me shed no more tears
let me feel no more pain
let me be in the river of joy
let me be someone
who can face her future
with smile


if i should shed more tears
let it would be tears of joy
if i should be in pain again
let it be caused by a true love
if i should be immersed
in the river of blood
let it rooted from
the sacrifice of love

i dare to take the risks
of being in love again
as it is the greatest feeling
one's can have
and the feeling of being in love
is a blessing from heaven above
i am thankful for having
that feeling again
i thank GOD i never give up
as i believe that my past
is one of the process
so i could appreciate more
when next time
when this time
i am in love again

.:: connie ::.
jkt/sat, june092001
1919pm gmt 7

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