Mysterious Attitude
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2002-05-19 19:14:32 (UTC)


are= R
for- 4
to- 2
you- U

words in ( ) are background vocals
words in [ ] are unsure lyrics
words in { } are comments

Lyrics to Prince songs taken from www.discograghy.de
My most favorite and well done Prince lyric site has been
shutdown, so I found this site, and it's the second best,
considering it took most of it's information from my top
site! :)


Okay, last night when I got pissed off at George and
started to cry, this song helped me. Everything that I
was/has been going thru was pretty much covered in the
song. It's soooo beautiful 2, Prince has a voice of an
angel. The title of the song is "Sweet Baby."

Sweet Baby
By: Prince on the Symbol cd song 9

Close your eyes, sweet baby
Now don't u cry
Everybody gets their heart broke
Sweet baby, sometime
So he left u for another fool
Yes, a fool
4 lovin' him from the start
Ask yourself what's more important
Him or the broken pieces of your heart,
Sweet baby Stand tall, (tall)
Sweet baby, (baby)
Don't u fall
U ain't the only one gettin' beat down
It happens 2 us all
The road u chose 2 walk in this life (the road u choose 2
walk in this life)
Is one that leads into the next
So sweet baby, stand tall (sweet baby, stand tall)
stand tall (sweet baby)
Sweet baby, hold your tears back now
Better days gonna come your way soon, oh yeah sweet baby
Someway, somehow
(sweet baby)
Sweet baby Walk faster, sweet baby
Don't let those bad boys catch u now
Those things that they will have u do
U been done known better, oh, and how
How can u sleep knowing that u and a fool
Sing in the same key
Walk faster sweet baby (walk faster)
Strive 2 be the very best that u can be (strive)
(sweet baby)
Sweet baby
Oh, sweet baby
Sweet baby, hold your tears back now
Better days gonna come your way soon
Oh yeah, sweet baby,
Someway, somehow(sweet baby)
Sweet baby
Better days gonna come your way,
yeah Sweet baby

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Okay, back in my older entries, when I was depressed and
wanted to commit suicide I mentioned a song that prevented
me from doing so. Prince sing's this one as well, it's
called "Goodbye." This song is very beautiful 2!

By: Prince- Crystal ball cd # 2 song 10

Last night when I left U fast asleeping
I should have contemplated suicide
4 the smile upon your face that's well worth keeping
By morning - smears 4 every tear U cry
I could manage a week or 2 without those kisses
It'd be hard, but something tells me I could try

4 that matter, whatever 2 make U reconsider
Is there truth when U make love 2 a lie?
Excuse me, but is this really goodbye?

Why'd I ever let U in this morning?
Why'd I let U come inside my door?
I should have known without that smile adorning
Your face - a kiss was not what U came 4
That's when your hand reached out 2 touch me gently
At least that's how it happened in my mind


Can't begin 2 understand how I think about U (Everything)
Everything I wanna do, I cannot do without U
However wrong U want - I'll be
Just please (please) don't leave (Don't leave)
If it means this life without U, baby
I swear I'll spend it on my knees
Excuse me, but is this really goodbye?

Last night when I left U I was so sure
We'd be 2gether 4ever and 4 days
And now my shade of blue couldn't get no bluer
I don't even know what I did 2 make U go away
I could possibly stage a front and play the cool one (Cool
Heart in my hand tryin' 2 hold back every cry

But who would applaud me when it's U, my one and only
Who ever gave me a good reason not 2 die
Excuse me, but is this really… (Goodbye)
Excuse me, but is this really… (Goodbye)
Excuse me, but is this really goodbye?
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye (Goodbye)

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