§arah e.j
2001-06-09 11:44:38 (UTC)


Finally an online diary. My name is sarah and sometimes i
call myself e.j 'cause thats patly my middle name. im 10
yrs old and am in yr5. i live in melbourne and ya. I luv
socca and footies ok. I hav a kool dog, A siberian husky.
He is 5 and is called sabre. Half wolf, KOOL! First i have
to do a little profile on my friends so u can catch up to

Sarah(mac): my bestest friend in the whole intire world!
Jessica: Partly my best friend just TOO sarcastic.
Katie: a sore loser but a good friend.
Bob, Rob or Beef: My bro 16 L's(LUCKY U!)
Lauren: my nieghbour and classmate.
Felsiha: A total fat *** so idiotic posh and greedy.
Anthony L: My firend
Anthony P: bobs friend
Hayley: bob gf

Only bob my mum&dad and sarah now aboot this. We hav a
REALLY KOOL seceret place were we always play. it is just
the best i wish i could show every1 but its private;)

My friend jess luvs chris delbridge, who is on her msn
list. I cant wait til she tells him. Why cant she just tell
him ne way. i had a nice tap on the shoulder by my friend
Anthony. wierd. we like to tease don, haha fun it is. So
neway bak to jess n delbridge she is such just drifting.
Once i was @ sezas house but jess didn't kno so i decided
to get some juice out of her instead. She told seza she
luved delbridge, but told her not to tell me. i got so
p****** off. i cant believe the rat. were still friends, o
course. Felisha ugh. dont get me started in her. too late i
wanna start. she keeps on going on aboot her "beanie kids
and her dances and karate" i apsoloutly hate it. and
sometimes she would try to make me & jess jelouse. now SHES
THE FAT BIOTIC RAT!!!! argh i better not go on. i actually
i might. she thinks she was so good 'cause her friend asked
if she could come along with him to a skool dance. i dont
like dates, no im not saying i dont like boys, im saying i
dont like dates. well...

ill be writing in later- im going now.