Oh,The Insanity
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2002-05-19 17:20:36 (UTC)

Star Wars VS. The Junior Prom

last night, I had planned on sitting on my butt and moping
about Adam being at the prom, but after 10 minutes of that,
I decided to go out. So, I called Carrie and we went to
see Star Wars:-) It was REALLY good and I followed
it...YAY! Susan and his friend Adam(who just happens to be
Jenn's cousin...creepy) were there too and made us sit with
them. I ate Adam's popcorn and he swiped my Twizlers :-(
ah well,I had fun instead of sitting at home, crying.

I got home from my apprenticship early and so, I went down
to Vicki's and did her hair for the Prom, she went with My
Adam(not jenn's cousin) and Jenn (that would be weird.
When I knocked on her door, she answered it and was
like "do u want my ticket?" and for a minute, I was tempted
to say yes, but I said "no, I'd spend the entire time
crying cuz Jenn would probably piss me off." But I guess
it was fun even without me, so that's good. Although Vic
said it would have been better had I been there...wait for
ball, that'll be AWESOME! I bought a pattern today and I'm
going to attempt to make the dress, maybe for the ball. If
not, I'll wear the black dress I have. there's not really
anything else to say, and I should do the laundry before I
go to work
Love always,