Randi Lynn

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2002-05-19 15:17:53 (UTC)

My Nanoo (Dads Mom...My..

My Nanoo (Dads Mom...My grandma) Died Saturday at 4 AM. She
was real sick, had cancer for the past 10 years..The
hospital didnt feed her anything for the past month except
probably water...Its gonna eb a closed Casket Ceremony
Because i guess she aint looking too good. She ws
unconcious for two days before she passed away. Wakes on
monday Burials on Tuesday, guess im missing school. Luckly
itll be waved because I cant miss many more days of school.
My cat got into another cat fight last night, hes ok, ear
was knicked. We're having an issue with the sellers of the
house we're suposed to be moving into on the 31st. They
think our contract was breached. but it wasent. They wrote
up a new contract saying they dont have to be out until
July 31st instead of May 31st. my moms pissed. Said If they
aint out on May 31st shes sewing them. She can do that, The
contract wasent breached. Mom says they're probably
Bluffing. I have all my stuff packed..Except my cloths and
my alarm clock, TV, and the pair of sandals i usually
wear...and..My bed, duh..oh yeah, also not my fan, but its
not as if i use my fan. My CD's arent packed Either. if
they arent tehre for closeing time we get to sue them for
the title of the house (but we gotta pay em for it) and
something else..dun remember what. Anyway..

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