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2001-06-09 07:48:13 (UTC)

I give up

I'm giving up on this relationship with Matze. It's not
like I'm gonna break up with him or anything (should I?)
but I'll just stop thinking so much about him (how can I do
that is the second step) coz.. I found out lastnite after M
helped me to call up at his house..that he was at Tob's
place..great..where my boyfriend is and what he does..I
have no idea! I got so dissapointed. Then I chatted with an
old friend..and he said I should give him a taste of his
own medicine.. like let him feel how it is..but I suppose..
he wouldn't even notice if I'm ignoring him. The next time,
I'll just tell him what I think. I seriously don't care
anymore. Having a boyfriend isn't the greatest thing in the
world either.

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