Han's Journal
2002-05-19 06:21:59 (UTC)

Harpist Barbie among other things

My second diary entry today! I wonder how long this fervor
will last.

Anyway, there was a bright spot to my dreary day today -
the Harpst Angel Barbie I ordered off ebay came today.
It's beautiful - it has really nice feathery wings, a
pretty sky blue and peach satin dress, and her hair is
kinda twisted round with vines and flowers and stuff - not
unlike one of those fairy tale muses. And I got it for $35
too, which is a fabulous price considering it retailed for
US$40 in 1997. That was 5 years ago, so imagine the value

It's almost the end of the spring semester. I'm happy to
be going home, back to my wonderful family and my barbie
doll collection and weekend timsum and siew long pao and
Mom's cooking, and talking to Dad at night, and starbucks
with mummy in the afternoons...

I think 4 months a semester is okay. At the end of four
months, with finals and everything, you get sufficiently
drained and sick of school to actually look forward to
going home, even though college life is all freedom and
carefree fun and things like that. But it can get pretty
droll after a while - especially in a ghetto city like
Berkeley. You see one part of Berkeley, you've seen it
all - the further you go, the more tiring it gets, the sun
threatens to melt you on the sidewalk, and you wish you
had a spring-loaded cabana in your backpack so you could
just set up camp on the way home.

So anyway, I'm glad to be going home. Then real quickly,
it'll be the end of the month at home, and the beginning
of summer school. Independence day weekend I'll be off in
Canada visiting Garming, which'll be great, especially
after not seeing him for a month. Oh, I'm going to miss
him! Then another month of not seeing him, then fall
semester starts. Hopefully I'll get a car by then so I can
go places.

All this rambling is unlike me. Best for me to stop now
before I get out of control. Verbal diarrhea is not good :P

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