2002-05-19 05:24:21 (UTC)

if you could only let it be, you would see.

i like you the way you are, but you've become somebody
else around everyone else, you're trying to be cool, you
look like a fool to me... tell me why'd you have to go and
make things so complicated, see the way youre acting like
youre somebody else... life's like this.

wow. well today was pretty good. we saw pink!!! AHH!
yay. it was great. i took lots of pictures i'm getting
them tomorrow. and 2 shirts. and a little poster thing.
yay. then we went to dennys, ashley was there with some
guy shawn.. then these hot girls from the show came and we
kinda talked to them.. adam came.. Matt was there that was
nice. yay for the beach this week. we're guna invite todd
and raul... hehee... yes. well bedtime. familys coming
tomorrow ugh and the next days graduation.