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2002-05-19 05:17:44 (UTC)

"oh so...you get around huh...?"

"so then, how do you know them?"
"um this is my ex girlfriend, and um, this is my uhh ex
girlfriend too."

crazy night at dennys tonight.
it definetly made me value my relationship even more so
than before.
not only was it like welcome back old girlfriend night.
x 3.
it was welcome back to the rituals of lesbian kickin it
both of which i wasnt very impressed with.

im so glad to be out of that scene.

it was fun though
looking at all of it.
i busted out laughing crazylike more times than i can
just at the whole disturbing nature of it all.


sometimes i really think i wasnt meant to be gay.
straight mating is worse in that respect though.
maybe i just wasnt meant to be human.

i smoked too many cigarettes tonight i feel like im going
to puke.
i have to work early, blah.

i did get to see my baby boy shaun tonight and that was
and seeing christine was nice too.
weird but nice.
she was wearing a shirt i gave her like, fucking, three or
four years ago.
that was a little odd.
but so is she.
i hope she calls me sometime though
it would be good to see where her life has taken her.
shes such a sweetheart.

i used to be pimp.
i wasnt even really talking to them.
lol. i wonder if thats really a bad thing.
but whatever.
i guess almost a year with someone. and being madly in love
with that someone. will do that to you.
and i wouldnt trade that for anything or any amount of
pussy. =)