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2002-05-19 05:07:59 (UTC)


where am i?.... what am i doing here?..... am i just a part
of this large universe that can fit in a tea cup.....what
am i doin here?.... living day to day in some sort of
organized frenzy where the fat lady steped on the bottle of
catsup with every one moving out of the way to pervent
getting it on there white trousers..... where will go when
this body can no longer carry this frame am i sentenced to live an
enernity of total boardom... living the life of all that is good and
just.... the kind of life that will make u sick cause u know ur
afterlife is gunna be boring cause anything that is fun is wrong...
or r u doomed to the life style bound in chains in a pit of dispair
just like u lived when u were still in that vesil... is our afterlife
what we experiance now in repatition till we learn a lesson that we
can never learn cause our memory hasn't been formatted... will i die
and become a computer and then destroy all that is living or will i
be machine to help the technology wars of time to be... this is me
ranting there will be more of this later

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