Don Juan

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2002-05-19 04:25:00 (UTC)

Something new

Remember when I said my life was getting a little boring?
Well... since no one wrote me back telling me what to do, I
decided to go wild this weekend and see if it felt as good
as it used to. Well, the results are in and the decision
is still tough. I liked getting my tattoo (oh man, it's
awesome!!), getting drunk, passing out, and not remembering
Friday night. But it still doesn't seem as fun as it used
to for some reason. Maybe I just did it so much that I
wore out the feeling. I know I burned myself out when I
was doing it all the time, but now that I don't do it all
the time... it's not as fun when I do. I realised the
other day how many stories I actually have from those
days. We were all sitting in the back of one of my
friend's truck talking about all the crazy shit we've
done... it took us about 15 minutes to tell all of the
other guys' stories and it took them an HOUR AND A HALF to
go though all mine. A girl that had never heard them was
with us and she couldn't believe how many I had. It was so
funny. Is it time for me to stop making those stories or
do I still have a couple more chapters to go? Don't
know... maybe I'll know tomorrow, I'm going to bed.