my pathetic life
2002-05-19 04:20:48 (UTC)

wishes do come true!

tonite there was a show that i was planning to go to with
my friend lauren. then 30 mins before the show starts she
calls me up and says that her parents wont let her go.
thats ok cuz i got my back up friend chelsea to go with me.
i got there a lil late but i was there so i was happy.
while i was getting ready i was thinking and hoped that
someone would hit on me at the show. we get there and
marigold was playing, there guitarist is soo hott, god
damnit. then aislinn play, they were good, but they have 3
guitarist and they kept on blowing out the pa. so pretty
much after every song they had to pause and fix everything.
then the darkstar obervatory played, they're so great. they
opened with this song called farwell that i hate but thats
ok they're still great. their sing cut his finger playing
guitar so there was blood sprayed on it, it was gross, but
so harcore. i bought their ep and got a sticker.

then me and my friend went to starbucks. it was really cold
out side and my hawaiian butt couldnt take it. i needed
some heat. we were walking back there was music playing, i
said "wow that sounds like one six conpiracy, but they
wouldnt be playing so early" we get in and it was them. i
was kinda sad but i only missed one song. and they ended my
"common" which is one of my favorite songs. they rock hard.
then near the never, they're good but their drummer was
sick or sumtin and one of their guitarist were at prom.
they did this acoustic set, it just wasnt the same. then
walsham played, (drummer major hottie) i dont really like
them all that much but they were really good tonite. it was
a battle of the bands, i voted for darkstar observatory cuz
i new one six conpiracy would win.

then one amazing kid played to end out the nite. he was
really good, it kinda put me to sleep. between one of the
sets a girl came up to me and told me that her and her
friends were talking and that they all thought i looked
like vanessa carlton. the piano chick. i started talking to
these guys but they left kinda quickly, i dont think they
liked me too much. when i was waiting for my ride 3 of the
guys from aislinn came and talked to me. they said "u
really look like vanessa carlton, shes so awsome and
pretty. i think shes gorgous like you." it was great, i
dont get stuff like that very often. and i dont think i
look like her at all. i mean shes white and im hawaiian so
ive got this whole browness goin for me. but hey im not
complaining. between the buried and me are playing tomorrow
and i really hope i get to go.

"you still died for me, all the while and i haven't cried.
you still sweat blood for me."
-the darkstar observatoy