Pointless Ramblings
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2002-05-19 03:56:09 (UTC)

Starting Again

Hey, Gulu. You were right I should start writing in my
online journal again. And I am... wow that's great.

Anywhoo, Hayley is at Rachel Price's birthday party today.
Good gravey I hate that cunt-hole Rachel. Yesterday she
grabbed Hayley by the arm and started to drag her away so I
grabbel Hayley's backpack strap and kept her there. Then,
Rachel, the ugly eight-year-old-looking bitch kicked me in
the shins. So, I kicked the side of her back pack and she
spun around and almost fell. She got mad and it was so
funny. She ran up like she was going to punch me but
Hayley got in the way. Rachel would have just hurt herself
in an atempt to hurt me anyway.

Heh, I said cunt-hole.

I keep on thinking about the song Children In Heat. It's
so great, especially since Kris pointed out how Danzig
sounds like he's saying Childro in heeeee. Heh heh Danzig
always mumbles. I love Danzig. Yep, Danzig... oh yeah and

I got some toe-socks yesterday. It feels like wearing
gloves on your feet at first but there pretty warm and
comfortable. They look dorky too. I like them. Even if
they are meant for girls.

I'm gonna cut this one short.

I know you want to read more but I want to go ahead and
post this.

The next one will be longer, because I know you have no
life and will read it. Bwah ha ha.