A day in the life....
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2002-05-19 03:43:34 (UTC)

weekends...wish i wasn't here

Dear Readers~
I sit here at my computer..not depressed, not lonely, not
much of anything, i am happy...but i just wish i were
someplace else, where other people are. Someone in
particular, but most of you know who i mean. Brian was a
part of a wedding today, he was the one who got to read the
scriptures. I wish i could've gone, but mom said no, "too
far away." He called me today :o) sheer chance that i
actually had my phone made me smile. It's been 2
months so far..seems so much longer. and it's going to get
harder as the days and weeks pass by. He moves to Chicago
in the next couple of days. my heart longs for him to be
here with be able to look into his eyes and see him
smile. To be able to talk to him face to face once
again...*sigh* i know i shouldn't dwell on it, but i need
the strength to give it all back to God for good. Pray for
me in this if you would. Thanks.
Anyways..saw Star Wars: Episode 2 tonight, good movie. Have
softball practice tomorrow. Class and work throughout the
week and all that jazz. Yay life..i'm gonna go. God bless!