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2001-06-09 04:46:10 (UTC)

LASt DAy oF HeLL...hehe

~Well lets hope this thing doesnt cut my shit in 2 like
its been doin.Doesnt that suck though? but i didnt write ne
thing important yesterday ne wayz but the other day i did.
Today was great b/c i got no more school! I was in a great
mood and i had sokem ppl sign my shoes which not too many
could cuz it was limited space lol.But we had the oral part
of the french exam which sucked big balls!He didnt even
worn us we were havinf it.My mom keeps askin me where im
gettin all my money from like im sellin drugs...i should
tell thats where i got it from but the bad thing is she
would believe me.O and shes gonna get my brother a dvd
movie if hes not bad but what do i get for being good
(atleast to her face i am)?nothin.I used become really bad
and never listen to her then maybe i will live up to her
expectations of being a slut and druggy.Thats what she
treats me like.Im not though....i use to be a crackhead but
then i got better and decided to give her a break.Well fuck
her if shes not gonna treat me with respect then i wont
treat her with respect.thats how it goes,damnit now im off
subject bout my good mood see what she wayz i had a
fun day.Oh yea and after school i took a nap,then krystal
came over at 9 and shes spendin the night..her and les r
lookin through the yearbook so i got on...we played island
tag which is a fun game,then hung out at seans house on his
trampoline till 11,and talked till girl talk hehe.
well im gonna get off. bye byez
:* :) :* :)

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