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2002-05-19 01:53:52 (UTC)

home from work. nothing..

home from work.

nothing particularly good or bad has happened today.
but i feel strange.
i dont know what it is.
but something is different about me.
about life. something.

im going to go out with my best friend in the entire world
ever tonight and i cant wait.
hes such a beautiful person.
i love him so completly.
i think i need some shaun time.

more than that though, i think i need nooo i KNOW i need
some emily time.
im missing that girl so much right now.

i feel like crying.
and i dont know why.

this time away from emily has really shown me a lot of
things. about myself. and about how much i really care
about her.
i cant get her off my mind.
apart of her is in everything i do. i say.
and its difficult because there really arent any words that
can totally describe how i feel about her.
even token of my gratitude prove to be lacking.
i wish there was just something.
its like its all on the tip of my tounge in a sense
but i can never get it right.

ive been really depressed recently.
and its not due to any specific thing.
just in general.
and its not that i havent been having a good time.
but the past couple of days.
the past week or so really.
something has just been off.

i kept finding things to keep myself occupied.
but, in the end, its still there.

aw my other shawn just called.
shannon wanted to know what i was doing.
doubley cute.

but no tonight is a shaun and ashley night yes.
were getting ice cream =)
i cant wait.
im going to go do that now.

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