Meshed Up
2002-05-19 01:50:30 (UTC)

mini dream

dreams dreams dreams. dreams haunt me. murderous dreams.
strange dreams.

dreamt somebody was about to stab me to death last night. i
saw the face but i do not know who it was.

it was dark. i was in outer space. the meteors and the
other things that floated around were not rocks but knives.
i saw blood flow out from my cuts as millions of knives
flew toward me. and then i saw her. him. he was smiling,
happy, and held a knife on his hand, aimed at me and
brought it down.

i woke up. it was still dark. started laughing to myself.
couldn't help but think i am such a pathetic little girl.

i'm hungry and sleepy. have to study. i need coffee. black.