The Daily Babble
2001-06-09 04:27:12 (UTC)

A Day of Good-bye's, Accidents, and Illegal Activity

So you know how I was complaining about yesterday?...Well
compared to today, yesterday was nothing!

I got up at 7:20 AM like usual to take my sister to school
and came back to spend some tiem with the aunt and uncle
leaving....But that was a lil chaotic cuz at one point I
had to drive over to Vikas' to get some information from
the guy working on his home and then I had to rush and take
a shower so we wouldn't be late to the airport....Before we
left though, my aunt tried to give me money [its an Indian
ritual for good luck, it isn't much money but its the
thought behind it] but I told her I didn't want it and then
we both started crying! It was so sad!...Finally we packed
the bags up and left for the airport around 9:30...But of
course we got there really early...and chatted most of the was me and my uncle in the front and my aunt and
mom in the back.

I got to the airport mom flipped out in the
airport..I semi knew where I was going since it was the
same place for Jeff's flight last year. But my mom just
kept rambling so I had to take over. We finally got the
baggage checked and me and my mom walked them to their
terminals...My aunt started getting teary-eyed and so did
my uncle so he just said for us to get going, so I prayed
[by touching their feet to my heart --another Indian
tradition obviously] and gave them hugs and then we watched
them walk halfway before my mom and I left.

So my mom and I drove back talking about different things
and then I drove her straight to work and went home since
it was still early and I still had to eat I made
lunch for me and my 9-year-old cousin Jay and for my
grandmother..and watched the tape Jeff made me of That 70's
Show and Titus. Oh I also talked to Jeff while making
lunch so that was really nice, he said he wanted to hear my
voice! =-) Then around 12:30...when I really should have
left for work...I went downstairs and called Jui! She
actually picked up the phone and she was so happy I
called! She said she knew it was me! We talked for about
20 minutes, then I talked to my aunt for a pretty long time
and then said bye to Jui. I think that conversation was
like the highlight of my day.

So then I finally left for work around 1 and as I'm driving
down Rt 46, I saw an accident happen right next to me! At
first I almost thought It was me cuz the noise scared me
but then I saw that it wasn't so I kept driving. Nimra
called to ask where I was and I told her I was on my way.
When I got to Rt 20, there was another accident! I finally
got to work and I was bombarded! There were so many
patients...missing was crazy. But
Jeff signed on telnet while I worked late so that was cool.

Then Nimra pulls me aside to tell me that we were going to
have a "patient" come in with police and that they couldn't
wait in the waiting room cuz it would make the rest of the
patients nervous...Apparently this 19 year old Polish kid
was smuggling heroine in the cast around his leg! How
crazy is that? So that was some drama. But basically my
evening at work today was hellish, there was just way too
much to do!

I came home at 6 and talked to my parents about my day and
my mom told me she called Atlanta and that my aunt and
uncle arrived safely so that was good to know......what
else what, had a late dinner and watched an
Indian movie [for those of you who're Indian, it was Ek
Rishtaa, it was actually pretty good, Akshay Kumar looks
better and better as he gets older, its kinda weird..and
its jam packed with actors/actresses]...And now guess what
I'm doing? =-)

Hehe..I'm chatting with Jeff, writing this, and then I'm
gonna go work on my research paper =-)