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2002-05-18 20:31:18 (UTC)

Tropicalstorm - Saturday night to bath

I was walking in streets of my home town after gave dinner
to pet dog. Sudenly a thunder and one minute later started
a rain. It became a storm with wind. My native clothes were
washed by rain. Saturday night is for take a bath.
Friday I noticed that I really need change in my occasional
business. It is not worth to get a budget. I will change the
provider or I am losing time and energy.
I had a dream about flies. They were flying away from my old
micro fan. And there was a spider. In book of dreams it means
that some people would be apart from me. Because of lies of
enemies. Maybe I need to talk to Mel. If she does not believe
in myself being good she would lost the hope in good things.
Tomorrow will be Sunday an iddle day for me. A lone people but
still a hero. In greek culture hero means some people brave
strong and loyal. It is me. I am a hero because I feel with
heart and do not think. Memories could be worst with ourselves.
It is still raining. I like the weather of my big city and there
millions of people here. And they have still a story for each
people that lives there.
Some friend of another big city talked to me. She was glad
because I sent her a cd albumn of Bon Jovi. The lastet and cheapest
I have found. But with good songs.
Better days are comming for me and for my best friends. I met
some people in streets of my home town. She was looking for a
job. Well I talked to any people I knew and asked for a job for
her. Maybe tomorrow or Monday it comes.
Who will be the next people to contact me. Some dozen days ago
some people called me. And talked to me in English. I answered
that I could understand language. Of course call hanged up because
I spoke in my native language. I will fix my moments under scorings.
And I will be myself in words too. Althought words is not the best
thing some people could do.