I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-05-18 23:18:06 (UTC)

A kinda busy day

Well. Went to a wedding today, for two of my bestest
friends Charles and George. Yes, they are both male. It
was just so nice, and lovely, and they were so happy and
everyone there was so supportive. I want to get married.
But I don't want Jordan almonds at my wedding. I don't
like those things. I still need to get them a wedding
present. It was the first wedding of my friends that I've
been to. Makes me feel old. Then I went to the middle
school band awards. I went to the middle school that my
brother is attending. The banquet was at the high school
that I attended and that he will attend next year. There
was an award given to an outstanding band student that was
started when I was in the seventh grade. Nine years ago. I
was never in band however. Not interested. So now I'm
home, and tired, but in a good way. Got my period this
morning. Yeah, I know you don't want to know, but I have
really bad cramps and it hurts. I need sympathy. And ice
cream. That definately helps.

Thanks for the kind words Mackenzie. I'm glad things are
working for you. And everyone tries to get what they want
by screwing over someone else. Believe me, I know how much
it sucks. But good for you for standing up for yourself (I
still have to learn to do that better) and writing the
father of that kid a letter. Good for you! Way to go! I
say if you want 2 dogs, go for it. Do something that makes
you happy. Besides, you have 2 really good names, why let
that second one go to waste?