No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-05-18 23:02:02 (UTC)

'do what feels right at the time, ya know? go with ur heart' -JLo

thats really good advice :-)
this has been a ...strange few days.
on thursday laura called in sick. nick came into the
library and i ended up going with him to hardees. we were
sitting in the parking lot for about 20 minutes. *sigh* why
now?! lol. i asked what he was doin friday but he was busy
so we decided we'd do something on saturday. i got home from
work at about 5:30 (its 6:15 now) ...i called him at like 6
but i was told hes not home.
yesterday i went up to taco bell at like 4 (i told jay i
would). john and jay were there...jay had to start work and
left me with john. after awhile those assholes came in.
they were in and out a few times. joe came up there. we
went across the street to get gas. someone was in our seat
when we got back so we sat in our other spot. they brought
4 girls up there to fight me but one of em was jamie who
ive known for like forever. she was like 'hey kerri!
um...did u spit on that kid out there?' i was like 'no he
spit on me...i threw my coke at him' then i told her a
short synopsis of what happened that night. one of the
girls with her was like 'well they didnt tell us a few of
those details' and jamie was like 'they were like "come up
here and show this girl whats up (blah blah blah)" but im
not gonna fight u...ive known u since we were like this
big...thats stupid' they left. at 7:30 john asked me to
bring him home (he had to babysit) and i came in to say hi
(and joe...) to becky. we ended up stayin and helpin
babysit. i was lookin thru his planner (it only had stuff
in it like 'kerri john' 'i luv kerri' '1 month') i got to
the week we broke up and he snatched it from me and when i
asked what it said he said 'i dont remember'. at 8:30 i was
like 'im goin back to taco bell...jays on break'. john got
pissy, joe said he was comin too and john got even pissier
so i said we'd be back in like 20 minutes. (we stayed there
an hour) jay and joe were like play fightin over me :-/
*sigh*. jay gave me his 100% Satisfaction pin from his hat.
we went back to johns and watched some of uncle buck. me
and joe both had to be home at 11 (i drove him home). john
asked me if he should try (like a million times)...i just
dont know! it really depends on what happens tonight (if
anything)...and if i even want to.
today work was crazy. we didnt do much. cindy had us go to
the store for her at like 10...we took a lot of pics on
lauras camera (heavy - talking - machinery, wells w/o water
and becoming one with the structure! lol). lauras jealous
of my radient beauty :-D LMAO!!!
i went to bealles (during the taco bell paragraph :-)) and
got a cute pair of shorts. theyre black and have a red
tribal goin up both sides.
well imma jet...gonna get ready to go out (prolly just
getting my hopes up for nothing :-(). ciao babes.

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