Whats goin on
2001-06-09 04:16:33 (UTC)

It Begans?

June 8 2001

It began as a normal day, woke up, thought about how I am
wasting my time. My father picked me up so I can get my
diploma plus lunch. I tried to think about my friend. She is
very nice, kind and very protected of herself. She works at
a truck stop late at night for the summer until returning to
school. I felt uneasy when she told me that just last night.
I feel for her safty when she told me about truckers hitting
on her. I don't know her well but she doesn't care about
that. She loves to her what is going on with people is
familiar with. I was Introduce to her by my then girlfriend.
they were close and my girl cared about me then. Iz (fake
name of friend) knew mandy (my ex) was using me. This was
all 4 years ago. Mandy and I went out again, but I found out
3 weeks before school was out she cheated on me with a guy
in the park boy's restroom. Iz learned from me the hard way
about it because it bothered me. Anyways, I tried twice to
page her but cound't get a hold of her. She told me to page
her at 2 but I cound't. Then I thought about her at summer
school, and worried about her getting in trouble for a
pager. Maybe Monday I could. Mat and K are also two other
good friends. Mat went out with Iz, by my suggestion. Me and
Mat had the same masonry class this year so I got free rides
, and learned from him about being open to others.