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2002-05-18 21:45:20 (UTC)

From where I left off last.

Well well it's been quite a while since Ive had time to sit
down and write out the events of my life. Lets start with
recaps. I'm still with Timmy....it's been over a month now.
I really love him. I feel different about him than I do
with anyone else. It's so amazing. I really mean it this
time! lol. I still love Ello, but in a platonic way now.
Somehow things have changed and I see his flaws. And I know
that we could be no more than friends which is amazing to
me because I really thought I would love him forever.
Things change. He doesnt even like Amy as a friend anymore.
I knew that would happen. I just got in from lounging on
the tramopoline :) Im about to start my ISS sentencing next
Monday. Im so mad. My mom might as well have ruined my
social life. She barged into the school and started arguing
with someone I was fighting with and had to be escorted
out. HOW EMBARRASSING IS THAT. I cannot believe it. She
made the guy cry. But you know it's Nicky so that wasnt
that hard. But it looks like I CANT HANDLE MY OWN BUSINESS
and we all know that isnt true YA KNOW?! and now I have ISS
for 3 days cus I let Timmy hit him once. Timmy has 5 days.
What a pain. I got a load of bullshit for coach bruton to
do too. He's an ass sometimes. O well. I'll make art. This
week is gonna suck. I hope my life isnt ruined too much,
but if it is, O WELL it's whitewright, and I'll be going to
Mansfield my jr/sr year and I'll have an awesome car and
Timmy will go to TCC and it will be great and I'll never
have to look at them again. And besides..when I get out of
ISS we'll have 5 days of school left. So what's it
matter....5 days of torture. I just sure hope my mom learns
a good lesson. Its really all her fault we got caught. UHH!
Racing has been good. I won 2 weeks in a row the last 2
times I raced. We're out this week for replacement of the
timing system. YAY. it was getting bad. Timmy went with me
last weekend and it was cool. Im just sort of
rambling cus Im typing faster than I can think. O well. I
needed to update right?! The new drill
team outfits are really cute! I like them! I dont really
have that much time right now, well actually I do, but I
just dont want to write anymore. I promise to write more
often now!!! But Im gonna go find something to do for now.
Maybe listen to the new awesome cd I made! TAA